Headstone in Glasgow

Death is the ultimate truth of life, but if you want to keep the memories alive forever, then memorial headstones is a good way to keep the sentiments alive. At Bobby Main Sculptors, we make personalised and bespoke headstones in Glasgow on extremely high standards.

We are proud members of the National Association of Memorial Masons. Our natural stone specialists use quality granite along with the natural stone. This can also manage the high standard along with the product range. B Main Sculptors are based in Glasgow supplies headstone & provide expert advice to choose the best headstone. Let’s see some of the headstones we supply.


There are a lot of marble stones available in the market, we always have sufficient choices available to meet your personal requirements, we provide quality marble headstones in Glasgow to choose from. We also provide sculptors with the memory note & manufacture personalised headstone by making art on the marble in several styles.


Our team in B Main Sculptors design, manufacture, and erect granite headstones in Glasgow. The monumental masons are also made of granite headstone. Similar to marble, you can imprint a few notes or images by choosing appropriate granite stone, which is provided by our team. Contact us today for a competitively priced quote and see what our monumental masons can do for you.


The approach of our sympathy caters to make children’s headstone in Glasgow.Our reliable suppliers provide the best quality headstone on the memory of the children. There are various types of headstone for children such as heart shaped, teddy bear shaped, doll shaped, and football shaped headstone.


Keep the memories of the deceived alive with the help of the best memorial headstones in Glasgow. The deceased can be in your heart forever if you try to implant his or her sign in the way of memorial gravestone. It will always help you relish the memories on a good note. Our team takes the pride to do this noble work.

Headstone Cleaning & Renovation

As the time goes, headstones get affected by weather erosion, the scorching sun, acid rain, and wind all taking their toll. To keep your loved one’s gravestone in pristine condition, look no further than B Main Sculptors, where we provide headstone cleaning and repair in Glasgow.


The memorial headstones may be made of granite, marble, or other stones, but if you want to know the proper method of headstone cleaning in Glasgow, you may use expert ideas. Our professionals use natural liquid soap to clean the headstone and keep your memories serene and soothing for a long time.


Sometimes the headstone may get cracks and crevices. So, in that case our experts also provide the service of headstone repairs in Glasgow for fixing the cracks or repairing them. If the cracks or other glitches are too much, then you have to replace it.


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